Tuesday, February 12, 2013

cabbage stamping

purple cabbage, stamping

Sometime between living in Mexico, Japan and California, I formed a loving relationship with cabbage. I love it on tacos, salsa, stir-fry and salads. Recently, from a fellow blogger, wrightstuff,  I discovered that the cabbage ends can be used as a stamp.

In the photo above you can see the cabbage end sitting on my art table. I cover my art table with paper and often doodle or try out colors on that paper. The bird drawing in the next photo was actually an impromptu drawing I did on my art table paper. It's hard to imagine that technology will be able to replace the pencil and paper method. I just love the feeling of the pencil edging across the paper.

bird singing
bird singing, sumi ink line drawing
I used acrylics to stamp the background with a cabbage end. I then added a line drawing of a bird. The branch was painted with sumi ink, micron pen and gesso.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

rain journal page and cork stamps

rain journal page
rain, journal page

Conscious Sedation

sweet is the rain that lulls me to sleep.
As each drop falls,
the day slowly recedes,
tucking itself in for the night,
like the cat who's crawled
beneath the covers,
curled up,

- Juana Almaguer

I grew up in the dry, hot central valley of California. I enjoyed those long, hot summers and remember the honey-colored foothills.

Almost a year ago, we moved here to the Pacific northwest where it rains quite often. When we decided to move here, my husband was worried I'd grow tired of the lack of summer, but this first year has been good. Much to my surprise, I have enjoyed the rain.

Hiking here in the forest is calming, but when you add the rain, everything enters a different dimension. The forest awakens; the colors become deeper, and the woods take on an earthier scent. I've grown to love the rainy days and falling asleep to their rhythmic sound.

Journal Page Process

cork stamp and journal page wip

This journal page started out with a norwegian sheet of music. The words visible below the arrow are "old tidens bileder van gaar" which google translated as "old images shared." I adhered a photo of me at the top followed by dripping acrylic paints, gesso, then layers of monoprinted tissue paper. I added stamped rain drops, bits of collected papers, a line drawing and my handwritten poem.

Cork Stamps

I got this idea to start saving the corks to make some stamps on the cheap. I didn't have any carving tools and just used my box cutter (which didn't make it easy or exact), but I got it done and without nicking myself. I'm hooked and will get some stamp making supplies this week. Emily has a nice tutorial on her blog here.

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