Friday, April 26, 2013

Mail Art

bird mail art
orange bird and flower mail art

Recently, I sent off some mail art to my Uncle. The orange sharpie bird drawing is a partial of one of my crow drawings. The background has layers of craf-t decorating chalks, acrylics and tissue paper.

blue bird mail art
blue bird mail art

My Uncle likes to send me newspaper clippings with every letter and my blue bird pen drawing was inspired by one of those clippings. I used craf-t decorating chalks and acrylics for the background colors and  joined the two art cards with a brad.

This was my first time to use the pastels and I can see that they will be a versatile addition to journalling. I didn't set the pastels with a fixative, so a translucent color came through as they blended with the acrylics. I found more techniques at

Liberate Your Art

I love getting paper mail in my mail box, but since everyone is on the internet, I mostly get junk mail. I yearn for paper mail so much that I have resorted to enjoying the junk mail, and my husband now knows to not throw it away.

So when I heard about this postcard swap, I jumped in. I sent one and received six in return. I am so impressed with how well organized and how enthusiastic Kat is about the postcard art swap. I received some inspirational photo and art postcards and look forward to participating again next year.

I sent my Enso postcard pictured below along with the quote. Follow the liberate your art link to view the participants.

enso postcard
enso postcard

"The freedom to make mistakes provides the best environment for creativity."

I received from Kathy B, Elaine (image below), Kat Eye Studio, sonya versluys, urbanmuser. Urbanmuser's photography on flickr is inspiring, and I love the quote that Kathy had on her beautiful photo postcard.

Video featuring all the amazing art and photography of the Liberate your Art 2013 participants.

joining sunday sketches and liberate your art

Thursday, April 18, 2013

my story

my story journal page wip 1
wip one, my story

My life has changed drastically over the last three years. My story is still evolving. What I've brought forward with me are memories of the past, and these are what have kept me moving forward.

my story journal page wip 2
wip two, my story

When I think of Mexico, I think of my Mom. Although, she had never been to Mexico until she was in her 60's, her Father was from there. I grew up hearing her and my Grandfather speak in Spanish. I love the language but cannot speak it fluently. I finally came to realise that learning it is not my priority.

I also remember Mom traveling to Mexico with me, her very first trip out of the States, and how excited she was. I am always a nervous wreck during the take-off, but she was so happy and not worried at all about the future. Two stamps that I purchased in Mexico remind me of her and these roots.

Photography is another love of mine. With that, I've followed in my Father's footsteps. Every trip back home, he'd sit down with me and teach me how the camera settings work and show me what projects he was working on. Since I was 7, he made sure I had my own camera.

my story journal page
my story journal page, 6.5 inches x 10 inches

The earth moves in its orbit 68000 miles an hour.
This year has seen movement, evolution, and my story is changing.
Maybe I can plan now.
I want to take root and fly at the same time.
I am restless and at peace.

Materials: decorative tissue paper, Mexican postal stamps, self-portrait pen drawing, gesso, acrylics, stamped squares, camera pencil drawing painted with acrylics, Japanese caligraphy cut from a book, sewing patterns, earth orbit calculation from an old math book, and my handwriting.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

rice paper collage

asian thought collage
asian thoughts, collage,  5.5 x 8 inches

I keep a mason jar filled with odds and ends of paper on my art table. When I need a trigger, I empty it as though it were a box of puzzle pieces.

Lately, I've been into stamping and previously used corks and cabbage. On this day, my heart leaped toward several, dried orange slices on my art table that I'd been saving for stamping. Using acrylics, I stamped rice paper with the dried orange slices and got the resulting marble-effect.

orange slice stamp
rice paper stamped with dried orange slices

The figure was a trial linoleum print that I did on tissue paper. After adhering it to this collage, I outlined it with sumi ink.

The background has more bits of paper from the jar:

  • edging from a Chinese restaurant placemat 
  • sewing pattern 
  • monoprints on tissue paper 
  • page from a Japanese paperback
  • sumi ink on rice paper

If the imagination is to yield any real product, it must have received a great deal of material from the external world.
Arthur Schopenhauer

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