Saturday, October 31, 2015

figure drawing

Woman II, ink figure, 8 x 10, juana almaguer
Woman II, ink figure, 8 x 10, juana almaguer

I love collecting second hand books and old papers. I have a small trove of technical books and vintage typewriter paper that I love to draw on. The above drawing is on a page from a blue print reading how-to book. I drew the figure with sumi ink and added gesso and pastel powders for the background. Actually, Woman II was completed months ago and I finally got it listed in my galleryjuana etsy shop.

figure drawing study on photocopier paper, juana almaguer

I spent most of last week working on the pose above. Each drawing was done on photocopier paper and went from being mostly a torso to now having a head and the start of one arm.

figure drawing study on book paper, juana almaguer
figure drawing study on book paper, juana almaguer

After a great deal of study and many sketches, the architect might wind up with a set of preliminary studies ... from Building trades Blueprint Reading

Before adding the arm, I drew the pose on a page from the Building trades Blueprint Reading book using my fountain pens with de atramentis inks. The quote is actually on the page which I didn't notice at first and love how it is so fitting for this week's progress.

I'm enjoying beautiful Autumn days and will have a blog post up this week over on my photography blog.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe, linocut

Poe linocut by juana almaaguer

Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.

Above is my latest Poe linocut print. I wanted to do something this year to commemorate Halloween. The result is this portrait linocut.

poe fountain pen drawing

I used my metropolitan pen to do the drawing which was loaded with brown that I made from mixing De Atramentis inks. I drew this portrait on scrap paper. I guess I had been testing out a pen which explains the strange "mmmmm" marks and the writing showing through from the other side of the paper.

edgar allan Poe linocut wip 

I reduced the size of the drawing with the photocopier and transferred my drawing to the linoleum block using carbon paper.

linocut and printing ink

Once it was carved and I liked the test prints, I got ready to do the printing. I printed on lightweight printmaking paper and some pages from a vintage engineering book.

Poe linocut book art by gallery juana

I'm in the mood for reading Poe the rest of October! Do you have any favorite reads for this season?

Poe linocut book art by gallery juana

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Saturday, October 3, 2015


crow linocut and collage, 9x12

Did you get to see the full moon eclipse recently? I and my partner went out for a long walk and viewed it for over an hour. I was mesmerized by it's color and beauty.

The next day I came across a facebook post about a pregnant mother who had pinned a safety pin to her blouse to protect her baby.

It reminded me of the story my hispanic mother often told me: She she was pregnant with my sister and she forgot to wear her house keys around her pregnant belly during a full moon eclipse. She looked out to view the lunar eclipse forgetting that she was not wearing her keys to protect her unborn baby. My sister was born with a split upper lip which healed just fine with no trace of it ever being split. My mother was a loving person who did so much for her children. I always felt frustrated that I could not ease her regret felt bad for looking at the lunar eclipse as she believed viewing the eclipse without wearing her keys was the cause. My mother was a loving person who did so much for her children. I always felt frustrated that I could not ease her regret.

I grew up hearing other stories from aunts and uncles ranging from mal de ojo (evil eye) to the infamous la llorona (similar to the boogie man).

I never believed any of these stories yet they fascinated me. I also never thought of myself as being superstitious, but I am. The art tutorial for my hands painting was about my conflict between reality and superstition. One hand reaches for something while the other hand pulls it away.

Despite my knowing my superstitions are baseless, I can't help but follow through on them. I need to wish on that falling star, knock on wood, make a wish when my pendant and clasp meet. It's mostly harmless, and I find I am knocking on wood less often now, but I think I'll always wish on a falling star.

crow linocut with full moon in my etsy shop

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