Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bird sketches and quotes

Owl disguised as a Crow

Recently I purchased a Clairfontaine blank page notebook. It is fountain pen friendly and I've been sketching and writing quotes in it. The paper is not very thick, so the fountain pen sketches are visible on the other side of the pages. For that reason, I've only been using one side. I like the notebook paper and it's bright, white pages.


I've really been enjoying getting outdoors for the summer so most of my wip art projects are moving forward at a very slow pace. Hopefully, I'll have an update for the blog by early September.

wishing everyone a good weekend and joining Sunday Sketches

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pieces, pen and ink, figure line drawing

Pieces II, pen drawing, juana almaguer
Pieces II, micron pen drawing

Recently I came across these pen, abstract figure drawings that I did several years ago. I had meant to post them in my Etsy shop; but life happened, and they stayed quietly in my drawer of drawings.

When I came across them again last week, I was reminded of that time in my life when I was taking care of my Mom.

Pieces II, pen drawing, juana almaguer
detail of Pieces II

She used to tell me how on the first day of Kindergarten I wasn't fussing but excited to start school. There was no crying or separation anxiety.   So I was pretty independent since a young age,. And that continued when I took my first solo travels in Europe at the age of 20 and then moved overseas when I was 22.

I never realized how well she understood me and how much she respected my independence. Throughout all her "muchacha" warnings, she practiced patience with my never-ending thirst for adventure. She kept close watch over me without hindering my curiosity.

She showed me through her actions and shared stories how to be strong, determined yet humble. She never got a high school diploma and went to work in the fields with her Mom and Dad. Now married and with two kids (both under the age of 6), she wanted to get a job as a teacher's assistant. This meant she had to go back to school around the age of 44. She worked during the day and went to junior college at night with us in tow. She completed the necessary classes for her high school diploma and the early childhood education college units and went to work as a teacher's assistant.

I completed these drawings shortly after she passed away. This set of drawings, titled Pieces, came into being piece by piece. I was drawing free form, with no subject or motif, and this figure appeared cradling, holding a bundle in its hands.

Pieces II, pen drawing, gallery juana
Pieces II, detail

Maybe this was my way of piecing myself together and quilting the emotions and memories into some order that I could comprehend.

Have you ever drawn something that expressed in a visual form what you were feeling?

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