Saturday, October 22, 2016

Enso and Leaves

Enso III, September 2016, 4 x 4 inches

I have a collection of dried leaves that I keep flat, under plexiglass, on my long table. I love using them to print leaf shapes on my paintings.

detail of Leaf I, September 2016

Above, I used a maple leaf for Leaf I. The leaves are pretty durable. I paint the back side with acrylics, watercolors or printing ink, place the paper on the painted leaf, and use a wooden spoon to rub the ink from the leaf into the paper.

Leaf I, September 2016

When I'm finished printing, I gently clean the leaves with a wet rag. In time, pieces of the leaves will start to crumble off and they evolve into a new leaf. This is evident in the first image, Enso III, September 2016, at the top of this post. I've had that Alder leaf for over a year now.

In nature nothing exists alone.
Rachel Carson

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

cats, quotes, portraits and InkTober

Black Kitty #7

Last month I revisited a black cat painting I did years ago and decided to make it into a stamp. I had a block of speedball "speedy cut' which is super easy to carve. I added whiskers by hand with a pen. I've made several prints on pages from vintage books and on rice paper. The one above is Black Ktty #7 and is on a page from a blueprint reading instruction book.

Edgar Allan Poe Cat quote

Before I made these prints, I tested the carved stamp in my journal and added a quote. It's a perfect time of year for Edgar Allan Poe quotes. October brings us to Inktober and I've been having fun with my fountain pens, dip pens and inks.

Helene Dutrieu

I found this archived photo of Helene Dutrieu in the The Library of Congress on Flickr. Her adventurous life inspired me to draw her portrait. She's wearing her flying headgear in the portrait.

Jounal page, sumi ink portrait

Inktober started off with the above portrait. I drew it using sumi ink and a dip pen. Lately, I have been exploring patterns and I just let my mind wander through the drawing, creating whatever shape or pattern that comes to mind.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Yesterday was rainy and windy, so I spent the day working on my bicycle: new tires, tubes and a chain. I still need to change the brake pads, but today is sunny, so I'll be out enjoying a long bike ride.

joining sunday sketches
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