Framing Art

I recently had a client ask me for assistance with framing.   And in fact, shortly after that, a stranger asked me for framing advice when I was purchasing art supplies at the art store. How to frame your recently purchase art is a very good question.

Framing is for the long-term protection of art work or fine art prints. So it is important that any material that touches the original painting is acid-free. In addition to acid free, lignin free is also important for being archival.

Using UV glass is a plus. Protection from sunlight will further ensure that the colors in your painting or print last a long time. It’s important to note that the painting should not touch the glass. For this reason, matting is recommended.

Many will recommend that the mat should not be lighter or darker than any color in the painting. Double matting is also possible. Mats come in different qualities (listed low to high grade): decorative, conservation and museum rag.

In the past, when I’ve sold through galleries, they chose a white mat and simple black frame, but the choice of framing elements will depend on your taste and home decor.

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