daydream I
Daydreamer I, sumi ink figure painting, collage 6 x 6

This week I started a new series which I'm calling Daydreamer. It's based on a loose pen drawing I did last year. Using sumi ink and a hard bristle sumi brush, I painted the figure on rice paper. I then tore off the rice paper that was not part of the figure drawing and adhered the painting to my watercolor paper. The background is a collage of monoprinted papers. I also added acrylic to the shirt to give it a slight tonal change.

daydream I, lamp light
daydreamer I - room shot

When I need a break from art, I either volunteer at the no-kill cat shelter or go thrift store shopping. This week we had lots of rain and ice, so I didn't drive to see the cats. However, the thrift store is within walking distance and I found a cool ceramic male doll's head. It's now a photo prop!

When I finished this latest mixed media collage, I sat for a few minutes trying to think of a title. I find it hard sometimes to title my art works. With this one, Daydreamer came right to mind. The figure reminded me of being lost in thought, focused yet abstracted. I often daydream while I'm doing my art.

Lately, I've been daydreaming about owning a house and being able to have some kitties and dogs again. That is a long way off. For now, I'm enjoying the daydream and being grateful for the time I have on this beautiful island.

What have you been daydreaming about lately?

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