cabbage stamping

purple cabbage, stamping

Sometime between living in Mexico, Japan and California, I formed a loving relationship with cabbage. I love it on tacos, salsa, stir-fry and salads. Recently, from a fellow blogger, wrightstuff,  I discovered that the cabbage ends can be used as a stamp.

In the photo above you can see the cabbage end sitting on my art table. I cover my art table with paper and often doodle or try out colors on that paper. The bird drawing in the next photo was actually an impromptu drawing I did on my art table paper. It's hard to imagine that technology will be able to replace the pencil and paper method. I just love the feeling of the pencil edging across the paper.

bird singing
bird singing, sumi ink line drawing
I used acrylics to stamp the background with a cabbage end. I then added a line drawing of a bird. The branch was painted with sumi ink, micron pen and gesso.

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