jumping onto a new art project

linocut work in progress
linocut, la mujer, work in progress

After a short hiatus from art, I am back and am working on my first block print limited edition series, La Mujer.

Using a drawing from several years ago, I reworked it for this linoleum block print. It's really a trick of the mind to see something that isn't there as everything will print in reverse. I did several test prints with tissue paper to see how the cut and uncut areas were coming through until I was satisfied with the image. It was actually hard to stop cutting as it got rather addicting to feel the blade dig into the surface and grove it's way through.

linocut, la mujer
La Mujer, 3 x 4 inches, linoleum block print

For this series, I mixed sumi ink with the gold block printing ink to achieve a dark olive color on the rice paper. These are hand-pulled prints.

I can already tell that this cutting and printing will be addicting and am planning on making a trip to the art store to get more supplies.

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