my story

my story journal page wip 1
wip one, my story

My life has changed drastically over the last three years. My story is still evolving. What I've brought forward with me are memories of the past, and these are what have kept me moving forward.

my story journal page wip 2
wip two, my story

When I think of Mexico, I think of my Mom. Although, she had never been to Mexico until she was in her 60's, her Father was from there. I grew up hearing her and my Grandfather speak in Spanish. I love the language but cannot speak it fluently. I finally came to realise that learning it is not my priority.

I also remember Mom traveling to Mexico with me, her very first trip out of the States, and how excited she was. I am always a nervous wreck during the take-off, but she was so happy and not worried at all about the future. Two stamps that I purchased in Mexico remind me of her and these roots.

Photography is another love of mine. With that, I've followed in my Father's footsteps. Every trip back home, he'd sit down with me and teach me how the camera settings work and show me what projects he was working on. Since I was 7, he made sure I had my own camera.

my story journal page
my story journal page, 6.5 inches x 10 inches

The earth moves in its orbit 68000 miles an hour.
This year has seen movement, evolution, and my story is changing.
Maybe I can plan now.
I want to take root and fly at the same time.
I am restless and at peace.

Materials: decorative tissue paper, Mexican postal stamps, self-portrait pen drawing, gesso, acrylics, stamped squares, camera pencil drawing painted with acrylics, Japanese caligraphy cut from a book, sewing patterns, earth orbit calculation from an old math book, and my handwriting.

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