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your voice I
your voice I, 4 x 6

Since arriving on the island, I've grown fond of collecting old books that I find at outdoor markets and thrift shops. I use some of these books for collage projects, but others sit on my shelf waiting patiently until I hear their song and a new art project awakes in me.

your voice II
your voice II, 4 x 6

One such book is a travel book of Europe with the inside pages measuring 4 x 6. The other day I was looking for my stash of collected postcards and came across my poetry from years back. Suddenly, it all started to come together: the book and the poems.

I used assorted papers, my original stamps, acrylic and gesso for the background. The portrait drawings and handwriting were done with micron pens, black ink.

On the phone, you tell me you love me.
And your voice echoes in my mind all day.


  1. I like your continuous line portraits and the interesting overlay of someone else's text and your own words--sort of seems like margins are taking over and the "main text" has just become hushed chatter.

  2. What a Brilliant Sketch
    I really like this artwork.
    Anyways, Take a look at the artwork
    Happy Sundays !!

  3. Beautiful artwork, love how you kept it simple, light and open!

  4. Interesting artwork, I like the portraits.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I love the purity of your use of lines and shapes in your designs. Blessings!

  6. Lovely line drawings and looks great with background of vintage pages ~ ^_^

  7. I love the mix of layers in this.

  8. cool sketch and love the poem!

  9. It is so delicate and beautiful. Great job!!!

  10. I really like your artwork here and your idea(s) behind it, let alone the inspiration from old books. :)

  11. What a creatively cool use for old books! Neat pages.

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: Digital Tree Painting

  12. I absolutely ADORE these pages...the collage, the sketch, the all fits together perfectly! Very inspiring!

  13. 4 X 6 what a nice format! Perfect for this art your are doing. Just love the textures and lines...and not least, the words. :o) Happy Day, Juana ((HUGS))

  14. Thank you for your lovely comments and visits. They really do make my day!

  15. I really like this art quite a lot especially this which you combine with poetry. WOnderfully creative.


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