buried treasure and cats

prince enso kitty
prince, enso kitty III, giclee print

Above is my latest print in my enso cat series.

The original was done with orange and yellow acrylic paints for the background and conte crayon and pencil for the sleeping kitty.

As my apartment lease does not allow pets, I often volunteer at the local no-kill cat shelter. Prince, a grey tabby, always meets me at the door to welcome me.

Every year Seth Apter holds a blog hop called, Buried Treasure. The idea is to dig up a favorite post from long ago.  Below is a post from 2011.

Although, my Sputnik is no longer with me, I still remember the lessons she taught me. Siamese enso kitty, in the right bar, was inspired by her.

Buried Treasure

9 February 2011

I've been busy preparing for my exhibition which is just a few weeks away and just trying to keep up with life. In my fury of stress, I looked over at Sputnik, my siamese cat, and smiled as she delicately cleaned her front paws and cheeks. I was editing the above sketch in gimp and stopped to write these thoughts.

What I've learned from my Cat 

On rainy days, it's best to cuddle. And if you have someone to cuddle with, enjoy those moments.

Do what you love when you get the chance. You never know when the next time will come around.

Take that nap. You'll feel better.

Habits are good.

Have an escape plan. You just might need it.

On sunny days, take notice.

Have your place where you can leave your crap.  No one needs to see that.

Have fun. And remember being spontaneous and breaking habits is part of the fun.

Eat when you're hungry. Drink plenty of water.

Enjoy your bath time.

Have your safe place.

Sleep matters.

Hairballs are no fun. They are not worth keeping.

And, we truly do have 9 lives. Who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow.

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