linocut, male figure, Dawn

linocut, dawn, in orange
Dawn in orange, linocut, male figure

Although, I enjoy the mornings, I usually create in the afternoons, so the mid-day is set aside for my art. During the last couple of weeks I've been working on linocuts and completed the first in my latest series titled, "Dawn". These will be done in several colors.

In the early 20th century, linocuts became popular among artists. Between 1938 and 1952, Matisse completed 70 linocuts.

I like this material for it's carving ease. If you set a warm iron for a few seconds to the linoleum, it will be easier to carve.

carved linoleum block
carved linoleum block for Dawn

I usually start out by tracing my drawing onto the linoleum using tracing paper. The image will print in the opposite position. So if my figure is facing left on the block, it will face right on the print. Also, what is carved out will be white on the paper, what is not carved out will pick up the color.

My mind doesn't operate that way which makes it a constant cerebral exercise. Sometimes I'll do test prints along the way but other times I'm too excited about chasing my imagination and skip the test printing.

In the coming weeks, I hope to complete another linocut for Dawn with the figure facing the opposite direction and in a different color.

The summer has been really great so far filled with bicycle day trips, evening hikes and weekend festivals. I hope you are having a lovely season wherever you are in the world.

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