enso and the moment

enso II aug2013
Enso II, -Aug 2013, 9cm x 9cm

Last month I spent a couple of hours cleaning and rearranging my art room. I had everything in the middle of the room as I tried to fit each section into a new location of the room. In the end, everything was in the same place but just a few inches to the right. And those few inches made all the difference. Both my art tables, one for sitting and the other for standing, now have a good view out my windows that face the woods. Sometimes the simplest changes have the biggest effects.

enso I aug2013
Enso I, -Aug 2013, 9cm x 9cm

I seem to be working in spurts lately. Last couple of weeks I spent long hours working at my standing table on some new collage works and painting with sumi ink.

Sumi ink is unforgiving, so there are many failures that precede each successful painting. What keeps me going is knowing that I am further in my journey than before the failed attempt.
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

enso III aug2013
Enso III, -Aug 2013, 9cm x 9cm

I enjoy painting the Enso circles as they are simple yet difficult to do. Painting Enso for me means living in the moment, keeping my thoughts fluid and my movement free. It's letting go of the fear that this painting will not work out. It's letting go of expectations, both positive and negative. It's the breathing in and the breathing out.

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