december journal pages

dec journal page letting go
december journal page one, wings and scrolls

Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.
Sir Thomas Browne

This month's prompt over at one year art journal is Fall and Change and comes inspired by the winter solstice. I ended up doing four journal pages for this prompt.

The first page has a figure line drawing with wings that is letting go of two scrolls. Using a bamboo reed pen, walnut ink and sumi ink, I wrote some notes of things I want to let go this year onto some onion skin paper and rolled that up and bound it to the page with some wire. The winged figure's hand rests just above the scrolls, open and letting go.

dhow december journal page
page two, december journal page, dhow and thoughts

Page two has some thoughts I wrote at the beginning of Autumn and a figure drawn in walnut ink with my bamboo reed pen on a vintage dictionary page. I left the dhow visible as a sign that life is a journey.

mi ayuda journal page
page three, mi ayuda poem and deer drawing

Page three has a deer line drawing in pen and watercolor along with some thoughts that I wrote down while listening to a spanish song. Sir Thomas Browne's quote, that I mentioned earlier, sums up pretty much what I was trying to capture that night when I wrote down these thoughts. The translation follows the original.


Mi ayuda runs through the forest
aqui mi pongo la buena pieces
that lie perfectly still
waiting for hasta quando
pasan the minutes needed
to form them into a shape
que baila con mi corazon
en un sueno magico.
Levante siempre mi espiritu
knowing they wait, never
impatient or judgemental.
Mientras mi ayuda siempre
here and holding on.

While my Guidance runs through the forest, here I put the good pieces that lie perfectly still waiting until the minutes needed pass to form them into a shape that dance with my heart in a magic dream. My spirit lifts always knowing they wait, never impatient or judgemental. While my guidance is always here and holding on.

birdwings journal page december
page four, december journal page, hands and rumi

And finally, page four is what I started the week thinking on, that is, Rumi's poem titled Birdwings. For this page I used gesso, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, black and white ink pens. Here are the journal pages in full!

december journal page one, two and three
pages one, two and three, december art journal
december journal page one and four
december art journal, pages one and four

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