bird watching, week four

Fake Journal 2014 april 24
white-crowned sparrow, 4.24.2014

To A Sparrow

Among the clouds your couriers
post to embassies
beyond our fondest dreams
and heaven, the ancient court of saints
whispers to us
among the hemlocks
insistently of you.
William Carlos Williams

Fake Journal alder trunk
speckled alder, 4.20.2014

This is my favorite tree outside my window from the top floor of my art studio.
Base of trunk grew horizontally before growing upward.

Fake Journal steller's jay
steller's jay, 4.25.2014

The Jay
No Brigadier throughout the Year
So civic as the Jay-
A Neighbor and a Warrior too
With shrill felicity
Pursuing Winds that censure us
A February Day,
Emily Dickinson (excerpt)

Fake Journal april 21 2014
bird watching, april 21, 2014

4.21.2014, Sunny

Today I read that Thoreau kept detailed notes between 1851 - 1858 of the flowering times of about 500 species of plants!

Between 8:48 a.m. and 9:15 a.m., the grey tree squirrel and the Steller's Jay were competing for who gets the ground area and the feeder. As soon as the Steller's Jay arrived, the grey tree squirrel chased it away. Even when I couldn't see the squirrel, it would come dashing out from some where to claim the area.

Fake Journal april 23 2014
4.23.2014, bird watching

Yesterday afternoon, as I was going upstairs, I looked out the window and saw a white-crowned sparrow sitting on the fence preening itself. I had not seen this one at the feeder or anywhere in the backyard. It was a magical litle bird, sitting there on the fence, soaking up the sun.

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