liberate your art 2014

postcards and art envelope by Juana & ready to send to Kat

I joined this postcard mail swap for the second time this year. Above are the set that I sent out this year along with the art envelope that I made to enclose them.

I thank Kat over at kateyestudio for putting together this wonderful mail art exchange.  It's a big job indeed as she receives all our postcards and mails them out in bunches. How many? 1254 pieces of art with 209 participating artists from 10 countries. Wow!

Below is what I received this year.

Cheri's at

Lynn at


Mel at

Rinda at

Kat at

Bookmark Kat's blog or join her newsletter to get word of next years postcard swap. Below are links to the other artists and photographers who participated in this year's swap.

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