dragonfly, gratitudes and newspaper collages

kawaru I linocut by gallery juana
kawaru I in orange, linocut, 5 x 7

Last month I completed two linoleum blocks (my dragonfly and circles) and printed some two-color prints. I named this series Kawaru

Kawaru means change in Japanese and the circles remind me that life evolves continually. In Japanese and Native American cultures, dragonflies symbolize renewal, courage, strength, swiftness and activity.

is it real?
pen portrait and newspaper cuttings collage

Last month, on account of being completely focused on my fake journal, my other on-going projects got temporarily dropped. One project is more like a pastime and involves working in a ledger that I bought at the second-hand store. I take newspaper cuttings and collage along with pen drawings inspired by people seen in the newspaper.

cut here journal page by gallery juana
cut here, hand in colored pencil

This week I added some more gratitude notes and sketches: working on my bicycle, watching a deer graze just beyond my patio, noting several flowers on my cherry tomato plants, deep shadows in my art room from the flood of sunlight coming in, cut tulips and a seashell from my husband.

tulip sketch

shell gratitude

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Sending out healing hugs to Alexandra at Sunday Sketches.

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