May Gratitudes

may 9, 2014 gratitude, gallery juana
tomato plant and shadows
I am trying to grow plants inside as our rental has no gated garden area outside to keep the deer out.  I like having the deer come by, so I don't mind going without a garden area.  Inside, I've got a cherry tomato plant, a holly hock plant, sweet peas and some basil.  Have you ever tried growing vegies or flowers inside?  Which ones worked for you?   My jasmine plants do well, and now I am trying vegies.

may 22, 2014 gratitude, gallery juana
married trees
I've been running this trail for a year now, and I am still discovering treasures along the way.  This week I saw this tree with two trunks joined at the base.  I stopped to take a closer look when I  realized they were actually two different trees that had grown side by side eventually becoming one at the base but remaining as two in their trunks.

may 24 2014 gratitude, gallery juana
Yesterday my husband and I rode our bicycles to the a quiet beach that is used mostly for fishing and boat launching.    There were some steep hills but the views were worth the climb.  We sat on the driftwood and had a picnic.  On the way back, I bought a Nasturtium plant from a roadside stall.  Once this has flowers, I will put it outside for the hummingbirds.

joining sunday sketches

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