hummingbird linocut wip

hummin' AP I linocut by gallery juana
artist proof I, hummin'

I finished the block for my latest linocut print featuring a hummingbird sipping from a flower. I've been seeing hummingbirds outside my second story window. Once the flowers on the trees bloom in the coming weeks, I know they will be frequenting more often.

I still don't have a camera, so I used a photo I took of a hummingbird three years ago and did some line drawings based on that photo. (The photo below was taken with my laptop.)

hummingbird drawings for linocut by gallery juana
hummingbird line drawings for linocut

Now I am experimenting with adding color as collage pieces. Rather than carve single circles, I cut a circle from cardboard. Just like I would add printing ink with a brayer to a block, I brayered the ink onto the cardboard circle and then printed the color onto the music sheet. I then cut out the colored circles and glued them to my paper. Next, I printed the hummingbird onto that mixed media collage.

hummin' AP II linocut by gallery juana
artist proof II, hummin'

I'll spend the week experimenting some more with colors and shapes, before I decide what idea to fly with for this series.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I took a 27 mile bicycle ride today. Each weekend we've managed to do a longer ride now that the days are longer and warmer.

joining sunday sketches

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