image transfers and the underside

the diving bell journal page, gallery juana
the diving bell journal page

We must present a picture, show nature as it is,
but it must be a complete picture,
we must paint the underside as well as the surface.

This past week, I decided to try out the gel transfer tutorial from McElroy and Wilson's book, Image Transfer Workshop. I've done image transfers before but it had been awhile. I used a vintage music sheet and a practice linocut print done on copy paper. For the music sheet, I applied several layers of gel medium and let each layer dry over night. I then took off the back layer using the sand paper, water and rubbing stages that the book outlined. What was leftover was a only the inked parts of the music sheet.

The linocut was done differently. I applied gel medium to my journal page and then placed the linocut print (face down) onto the glue. I then used a flat wooden spoon to meld the journal page and linocut print together. Once dried, I then used the sand paper, water and rubbing stages. Go here to see Darlene Olivia McElroy's, image transfer youtube video showing this latter image transfer technique.

the diving bell journal page, galleryjuana
the diving bell journal page

I am really happy with how the image transfers came out, so I know I'll be doing more of these in the coming weeks.

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