the act of drawing

art journal page, july 8 2014
art journal page, figure and quote, gallery juana

The act of drawing serves to remind us that hands are agents of thought and experiment. Its expressions have the potential to leap across great divides of time and place, but its practical utility is as a manisfestation of the Mind struggling with the meaning of what it encounters and what it wants to explore.
Jonathon Kingdon

Since April, I have been focusing on the brain and learning what I can from cousera lectures and books. I love this quote by Jonathon Kingdon. It not only reinforces the idea of the connection between action and the brain but also touches on how art is my tool for understanding my experience.

So how did this journal page come about? I had laid down a wash of walnut ink on the opposite page and then closed the journal. After the walnut ink dried on both pages, I applied some gesso on the opposite page and closed the book again. I then worked on this actual page with the derivative print and outlined the figure with pen and added the facial features with pencil and acrylics.

The opposite page is inspired by a year in the life of an art journal's prompt to fill our silhouette with things we love. I have loved long distance riding since university and have kept it up sporadically since living overseas. Last year my husband and I purchased some touring bicycles and we've been riding more consistently. There is such a liberating feeling and I return home rejuvenated after a long bike ride. How do you rejuvenate for the day?

art journal page, bicycle
it's a good day to ride

joining sunday sketches and a year in the life of an art journal

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