september left hand drawing
hand, pencil drawing

So do they go, those shining creatures, counting without confusion,
And holding in their slow, immeasurable gaze all the transactions
Of all the particles, item by atom, while the pyramids stand still
In the desert and the deermouse huddles in his hole and the rain falls
Piercing the skin of the pool with water in water and making a million
And a million designs to be pleasingly latticed and laced and interfused
And mirrored to the lord of everything that is by one and one and one.
excerpt from Angel and Stone by Howard Nemerov

Today was a great day for being outdoors. I rode my Surly to the outdoor market on this beautifully warm late summer day, bought some local vegies and fruit, and returned home.

Feeling rejuvenated, I made some tea and sat at my art table. This afternoon I experimented in my ledger journal with different mediums, trying to figure out which one felt right for this hand drawing. I finally realised that pencil was best and redrew it on a page from a vintage travel journal.

wishing everyone a good weekend
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