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art tables after a day of collage

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.
― Friedrich Nietzsche

I have two art tables. One is for standing and the other is for sitting. The photo above was taken when I was deep into that day's collage, so both tables are covered with art supplies.

Whenever I work on a collage, various art supplies end up on my art tables: papers, book pages, linocut stamps, paints, pens. You name it, and I'm probably digging it out from a drawer or shelf.

Eventually, I run out of space on the tables, and I end up working on the collage in a space equivalent to a sheet of paper.

Other times, if I am working on a sumi ink painting or doing a linocut, the tables stay pretty neat and organized.

For the collage of this little bird, I used a stencil, sumi ink and acrylics for the background. The birds wings are a collage of papers from various books, washi, and painted tissue paper. The leaves are monoprints of dried leaves on tissue paper.

bird collage, 6 inches x 8 inches

I am joining Seth for his blog hop of messy studio tables.  Visit his blog to see more messy art studio tables.

also joining Alexandra's sunday sketches


  1. It's interesting to read that a few people create a clean space when working on certain projects and revel in the mess for others. I guess I do the same thing. When I work on my journals I create a clean space but once they're done it's back to the mess for me.

  2. Really nice work, and fun messy table to get there. xox

  3. your space gets amazing light... and I think it looks pretty tidy ... your photo is wonderful...xx

  4. Such beautiful light in your space! The collaged bird is great, too. Fun peek!

  5. Kathryn, true how some projects start out with a clean table but end with a mess.

    Tracey and Marjie, I feel lucky to have a rental with huge windows!

    Corrine , Thank you.

  6. Looks like creative chaos to me! i love the light on your table - what a great place to work...

  7. I like how you recognize there are times when you get messy and other times when you must keep your work surface clean. It looks like you have some wonderful storage behind the desk, as well as lots of light.

  8. p.s. I love your bird collage... simply brilliant...

  9. Your collage is amazing. Beautiful work!

  10. What a fantastic studio table! I LOVE LOVE all the space you have. I keep trying to figure out to create more space in my area. :)

    Your bird is also fantastic. I LOVE the mixed media creation of every ounce of beauty.

  11. Lovely studio space! I adore the bird collage.

  12. Love your studio table here - it's clear that WORK get done in this space! And your bird is so adorable!
    Thank you for sharing your studio table - it's helpful to know that I am not alone in having chaos in my workspace =)

  13. Sharmon, this has been the best window view I've had in all my years of renting!

    Bleubeard, when I do sumi ink painting it's more meditating, so I need the art tables clutter-free.

    Alexandra, I am constantly struggling with that too: how to create more space within the space I have.

    Scarlett and Sharon, thank you!

    CreativeBeast, I think there is always chaos at some point. so you are definitely not alone.

  14. What a beautiful bird! And your space looks glorious! I so know what you mean about starting out with a whole table and ending with a space as big as a paper plate? maybe! Juana, thank you for sharing your studio space!")


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