studio table

art tables after a day of collage

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.
― Friedrich Nietzsche

I have two art tables. One is for standing and the other is for sitting. The photo above was taken when I was deep into that day's collage, so both tables are covered with art supplies.

Whenever I work on a collage, various art supplies end up on my art tables: papers, book pages, linocut stamps, paints, pens. You name it, and I'm probably digging it out from a drawer or shelf.

Eventually, I run out of space on the tables, and I end up working on the collage in a space equivalent to a sheet of paper.

Other times, if I am working on a sumi ink painting or doing a linocut, the tables stay pretty neat and organized.

For the collage of this little bird, I used a stencil, sumi ink and acrylics for the background. The birds wings are a collage of papers from various books, washi, and painted tissue paper. The leaves are monoprints of dried leaves on tissue paper.

bird collage, 6 inches x 8 inches

I am joining Seth for his blog hop of messy studio tables.  Visit his blog to see more messy art studio tables.

also joining Alexandra's sunday sketches

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