ledger journal pages

ledger journal bee, gallery juana
Bee linocut rubbing on vintage page from a travel notebook

With the days getting shorter and colder, I am spending more time at my art table and computer desk. I have been quiet on this blog but working away behind the scenes.

I just finished two figure collage works on ampersand's claybord. It was my first time to work on clayboard, and I really like the texture and flexibility of that substrate.

ledger journal portrait, gallery juana
pen line drawing, portrait

Today I needed to just let my mind wander, so I worked in my ledger journal. I usually draw or collage whatever comes into my head inspired by media clippings, my art experiments and my supply stash.

If my week goes as planned, I'll have a step by step tutorial posted about the collage works on ampersand's clayboard next Sunday.

wishing everyone a creative week and joining sunday sketches

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