migration issue no. 2, perzine, art zine

I spent this past week finalizing my second zine, getting it printed, videotaping, collating and sewing. In the video, I talk about how I make the mock-up zine and turn that into the double-sided pages that will be photocopied.

Once the photocopies are cut, next comes collating and trimming. The inside pages, when cut in half, need trimming in length and width if they peek beyond the cover.

Migration, issue no. 2, is 21 pages and includes 12 photocopied art works that I've completed during the last two years. It feels good to have this next chapter in print!

available in my gallery juana etsy shop.


  1. what a wonderful way to gather your arts in one place to share.
    thank you for sharing how you have gone about this.It looks wonderful!

  2. Interesting. I will have to spend some time watching your video. Hmm...


  3. What a wonderful idea Juana. Not only for sharing, but as an opportunity to revisit your work and see the progression. Loved the video, thanks for sharing your porcess :)

  4. Tammie, quiltswissy, and Sheila, thanks for stopping by. and you are right about zines being a wonderful medium for sharing and revisiting past works.

  5. What a wonderful way to record your process. I'm always leery when I tear an illustration out of my sketchbook afraid I'll misplace a step in my process. This is something I might like to do. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I really enjoyed the video! Fantastic work and loved that you took the time out to revisit your work. Best wishes! :)


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