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January journal page

The beginning is always today. -Mary Shelley

Every Saturday, the documented life project lists a new prompt and theme. I finished January 10th's challenge which was to work with Gesso and bounce off the above quote.

I added my own words as a reminder to embrace living now for there will be no perfect time to start. I followed that with a quote by Camus.

Real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present. Albert Camus

I am also finishing up my postcards for Kat's annual Liberate Your Art postcard swap. Head on over to her blog for more details on how you can join.

I'll hold off on showing what images I am sending out. In the meantime, I'll explain how I did the backside.

I scanned the backside of a vintage postcard I have from the early 1900's to get the words correspondence and address. For the airplane image, I scanned the graphic from a 1932 school yearbook. I married these images together in Gimp editor and added my website url and a stamp box.

I printed the above image onto paper and (If your printer is able, you could print directly onto the cardstock.) This backing was then glued to the image I printed on photo paper. In the past, I've ordered my postcards, but this year I wanted to make them myself. And it was fun!

joining sunday sketches, the document your life project and liberate your art.

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