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spring heart mail art postcard
spring heart mail art postcard

Recently I joined a mail art exchange through IUOMA,   and it is inspiring me to make more art. And in return I receive some inspiration from other mail art enthusiasts from all over the world.

The daisy pen drawing is based on a photo I took last year. And the yearbook photos are from an old yearbook which I photocopied and then transferred using the photo transfer with matte medium method. The above postcard went out today. The Rilke quote seemed perfect for my current mood.

Alfred Joseph Frueh illustrated letter

This week my request for the More Than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art arrived at my local library. What a joy it is to read and see letters illustrated through the years. I caught myself salivating a couple of time ... dear me! I've only begun the love letters chapter and so far my favorite is by Alfred Joseph Frueh who wrote to his fiance while he was travelling. His letter illustrates how he spends every living and sleeping moment thinking about and reading her letters.

wishing everyone a good weekend!

joining sunday sketches


  1. Wow, gorgeous postcard!!!
    Your work is so beautiful & unique! I found your Facebookpage and I'm following you there! :)

    Happy Sunday!

    Smiles, Saskia

  2. Love your post card, and I agree with you that Alfred Fruehs note is absolutely beautiful. Wish I could open my mail box and find a note like his, how wonderful.

  3. Your post card is beautiful with lots of sun in it :) Love it!
    And I fell in love with that illustrated letter, inspires me to do a lot of things :))

    Have a happy Sunday!
    Tinna ✐

  4. Your work here is wonderful! So incredibly creative. I'd love to get to a point where I can push myself to veer off onto something other than regular sketch paper and create! lol Well done. :)

  5. such lovely mail art
    i can only guess that it will make someone's day

    Spring is such a special season, but then again, they all are.

    fun to hear about this book too
    thank you

  6. Your daisy card is soooo pretty, Juana! Pretty is kind of a sweetie word... but it is, the card is really pretty! Do you have a matte medium you prefer for this image transfer technique? The gel medium I've tried did not do well with image transferring. LOVE the Rilke quote too! Fun book you're reading on the illustrated letters. Such a nice way to share life & life-doings. :o) Happy Spring... It's MAY already! ((HUGS))


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