late night doodling

March 2015, j. herbin ink - Lie de The

We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents. ― Bob Ross

I remember coming home from elementary school and watching all the how to draw and paint shows on the PBS channel. Art has always had a place in my life. And the above quote by Bob Ross always makes me smile.

sketch, april 2

I'm trying out a new habit of sketching nonsense late at night. Part of the motivation comes from my love of my new fountain pens and inks. I want to write and draw with them more. So what better way then to sit down just before bed and sketch whatever is sitting in front of me or comes to mind!

sketch, april 3, j. herbin ink - myosotis

Speaking of creativity: This music video was featured on a t.v. program called "amazing marvels" and features a Rube Goldberg machine. I think it took several months to perfect the synchronization and over 65 takes to make the video.

joining sunday sketches

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