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mail art envelope and postcard contents to Kat

Preparing for the Liberate Your Art started back in January when I sent my mail art envelope, postcards and stamps to Kat for this year's liberate your art postcard swap.

This is my third year to participate and I decided to make my own postcards using my photography. I also included my website address more visibly this year. 4 out of 5 receivers contacted me to let me know my postcard arrived at their doorstep. Thank you:)

postcards for liberate your art 2015

In mid-march, the postcard swap is organized into 4 mailings by Kat and some volunteers. Kat sends each mailing out once a week until the second week in April. It's mail art happiness for four weeks!

I received the following 5 cards in Kat's Liberate Your Art postcard swap:

Lynne Foerster

Susan Stewart

Louise Marnet-Berthereau at

Amy Duncan and Wiggins

This year was the first time I joined the side swapping. I had five extra postcards to swap and the mail art fun was extended. Next year, I'll be prepared with even more postcards to swap on the side.

The extra swap cards that have landed thus far:

Deanie Houghtaling

Janice Darcy at

Sheila Delgado at and Janice Darcy

Michelle Matucheski at

Kat Sloma's postcard is the Sixth one to arrive and signals the end of this years postcard swap. Thank you Kat for putting on another good year of liberating art!

Kat Sloma at
closing thoughts

I have always been apprehensive about sharing my name and mailing address with complete strangers. However, with kat's group, all the postcards for the official swap are sent to her address, so I only had to share my address with her. The first year I joined, I only did the official swap and blog hop. The second year, I did the same and also the joined the facebook group. This year all of the above and also the side swaps. For the side swaps, people exchange addresses on their own. It's nice to be able to get your feet wet slowly and not have to jump in all at once. And I love how Kat has made that possible.

What I also love about Kat's LYA group is the honest love of swapping art for the sake of human connection and inspiration.

The Liberate Your Art postcard swap happens every year. If you'd like to join, visit Kat Sloma's website and join her email list to get word of the next swap. You can also see videos of all the postcards that have been swapped. Amazing!


  1. Bonjour,

    Merci pour ce joli billet de partage...
    Bravo !

    ❀ ♡ Gros bisous ♡ ❀

  2. Beautiful post. So glad you decided to side swap, I love your vintage camera postcard and bonus painted envelope... hope we can swap again next year!

  3. Wonderful post. I love the cards you sent and the ones your received. Isn't it amazing how different they all are?!!! This was my third year, too and I'm looking forward to 2016 already!

  4. Great post! This was my first time and loved it. I wish we did it quarterly instead of once a year. I like all the side swaps too!

  5. lovely post about the swap. You got some beautiful cards and I love the squirrel card that you sent out!

  6. Thanks for stopping by at Just Tickety Boo - I jumped in to Mail Art a few years back and have never turned back - it is so fun and so indicative. I love all your work and your sentiments at the end... see you next year!

  7. One of the benefits, other than receiving beautiful snail mail, is being introduced to new artists!

  8. I greatly enjoyed this project. It was my first time.

  9. Pretty post..This post card swap was such a fun way to get pretty snail mail while meeting new artists:-)

  10. Fun to see so many lovely postcards with such a fine variety.
    I am still hoping to hear who may have gotten my cards.
    This was my first year participating.

  11. Love your this blog! Always great to see you on FB.

  12. Loved your post ! This was such fun !

  13. Love your cards Juana and I am looking forward to trading with you next year. (I hope) I could have swarn we have swapped before, but I haven't found it. It is very possible I am losing my mind :)Thanks for my furry friend, makes me smile each time I see him :)

  14. Ah, some beautiful cards indeed! It was my first year, and I loved the process of making my own cards and mail art envelope, to the continuing pleasure of treats in my letter box :)
    Dani @ sand has no home

  15. Your photo postcards for this year are gorgeous! I may have to go that direction next year! You received some lovely cards! And speaking of which, I recently received a beautiful piece of mail art from you, much like your envie to Kat. Rest assured you'll be getting a bit of organic mail from me soon! Have a beautiful weekend!

  16. Beautiful cards sent and received!

  17. Great post! Well written and I felt/feel much as you have described

  18. I loved your photos of the art you received! This was my 1st time participating, and I really enjoyed it! I didn't know about the side swaps! Thanks for sharing that! The possibility of receiving even more mail?! Next year! Joy to you!

  19. such a nice post and I love all the postcards you received and the ones you made to send. I wasn't able to side swap this year due to illness but want to be prepared to do so next year. Like you each year I am getting braver.

  20. So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!

  21. Wonderful works of heART received!!! Love to see you on here.


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