whale of a time

late night sketch, pen 

I saw my first grey whale of the migration season. It came right up to the shore line. I saw the tail fluke and realized the whale was moving on. I ran all the way down to the marina hoping to get a photograph of this beautiful creature. Luckily, this whale found another spot for foraging the ghost shrimp just beyond the marina. This was the closest I've ever been to one. Granted, I still needed a zoom lens, but I could hear every time the whale blew a spray of water. So amazing. The grey whales are monitored by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and I later learned that this was Grey Whale #22.

linocut whale print on envelope

The experience inspired me to make a whale linocut and a fluke linocut for my love of mail art.

Here's to another great week!


  1. Whales are fascinating, love yours!

  2. Nice drawing and print! very lively and happy he seems!

  3. Love your whale sketches and prints. I've only seen a whale at a long distance away. It was on the Oregon coast. It was a gray whale.


  4. Cool linocut - always love the look of those prints.

  5. Beautiful! I've never been blessed to see a gray whale live, but I can imagine how impressive it would be. Blessings!

  6. How special ~ to witness the migrating whales!
    And your sketch and print ~ also special.

  7. What a wonderful moment for you and it inspired such beautiful work and memories.

  8. I would love to go whale watching some time...if I can ever get over my fear of water! :) Looks like you had a great time and was totally inspiring to you. Lovely sketch and wonderful print! xx

  9. Love your printed whale :)
    I guess I should try that too, sometimes :))
    Have a great Sunday!

    Tinna ✐

  10. You are so lucky to be able to see whales in the wild! What incredible inspiration for artwork. I love both the drawing and the print!


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