dip pen drawings

Mildred Adams Fenton, science writer, dip pen drawing

I continue to feed my love of paper. I came across a box of vintage 20 .lb weight typing paper the other day. It has a wonderful, slightly rough finish and is a soft white. The sheets are crisp and make a lovely sound when flipping through the drawings. I bought the nearly full ream for $2.50 and came home to draw on it with my dip pen.

Hazel K. Stiebeling, Nutritionist

Smithsonian's photographs of women science writers gave me the needed inspiration to draw portraits. I drew 10 drawings of which two worked out. Although, the paper becomes somewhat warped depending on how much water is added to the paints, I like the feel and look of it. It mimics the texture of a long lost document.

If you follow me on g+, you'll notice I've been sharing the thought-provoking aphorisms by Matt Berry from his blog: The Experience of Clarity. What sites do you like to visit for daily quotes?

joining sunday sketches


  1. One of my favorite things to see in a drawing is that quick pencil sketch underneath everything, just love that line! I especially like the shape of your nose in the first portrait.

    You can tell your having fun...;)

  2. I really enjoyed looking at both your portraits and reading about your love of paper.

    I am always inspired by quotes but I don't have a favorite place to visit. That's something I will have to think about.

  3. I'd like to explore more with paper myself. Nice work!

  4. how wonderful that you found old paper that inspires you.

    i loved paper too, especially if it supports the sort of art i put on it.

    cool sketches

  5. These are fantastic and love your idea for working on vintage paper. You think of things I myself never think could be used during creativity. Brilliant! :)

  6. These are very nice! I like them a lot!


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