sketching on the train

pen sketches, hand and portrait

Recently, my husband and I made our way to Seattle for our anniversary. I blogged about it over on my photography blog.

While on the train, I did some quick sketches of his hand and a portrait of a stranger. I don't often draw strangers that are around me, but Lynn Cohen's amazing urban sketching has inspired me to try this more.

joining sunday sketches


  1. Great sketches! I'm like you, I don't tend to draw strangers so it's great that you've given it a go!

  2. Looks like happy trains sketching, lovely fun pieces Juana!

  3. These are wonderful and so expressive! I'm a bit shy about sketching in public too, you and Lynn are amazing...

  4. Cool! Sketching in a moving vehicle is something I don't get to do very often. Happy Sunday Sketches!


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