eduardo munez mail art

mail art to eduardo munez by juana almaguer
mail art to eduardo munez

Back in January, I found out about the Who Is Eduardo Munez project. The idea of writing to a person whose character is formed with each letter really intrigued me.

After a few weeks of brainstorming, I settled on the idea of Eduardo receiving a letter from someone he'd met on a trip. The envelope would illustrate a conversation they had had. Inside the envelope would be something that had to be returned to Eduardo. I'll let you know what was put inside once the project finishes.

mail art to eduardo munez by juana almaguer
envelope backside to eduardo munez

I used De Atramentis document inks on vintage typewriter paper and added acrylics to the sail boat to bring it into the foreground. A bit of yellow De Atramentis document ink over the acrylics sails added color as well.

What projects have you been working on or just finished? I have several works in progress that I hope to finish next!

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