February Calendar Journal

detail of February Journal page
detail of February Journal page

Memories of February:

Walking through town, I can see the cherry trees beginning to bloom. Can you believe it?

I watched the birds at the feeder. There were nuthatches, chickadees, towhees, sparrows, woodpeckers, and juncos.

Yesterday, I worked on my bicycle, cleaning it and getting it ready for riding more often.

February journal page two

February had its good days to carry me over some of the challenging days which the latter reflected in some of my journal sketches. The line from Sheryl Crow's song always makes me smile, and I'm sure we all have days when we'd like to say that.

February began well and is ending well, and now I am looking forward to March.

joining sunday sketches


  1. Lovely creative piece, colourful and free! Looking forward to March myself!

  2. What wonderful art Juana, so free and loose... which is something I aspire to.
    I'm so thrilled March is virtually on it's way because this winter has been quite a challenge, weather wise.
    It's been very spring-like here in Bonnie Scotland today.
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have a wonderful creative week ahead.

  3. Lovely journal pages! I enjoy the mix of pattern, hand-lettering, and figure drawing -- hope you're having a relaxing Sunday!

  4. How vibrant and full of energy your art is! Wonderful!

  5. very cool that you work on your own bike.

    i enjoyed hearing about which birds you saw.

    and your sketches are a joy to see.
    yes, every month and day is a mix, of feelings and needs.

  6. Wonderful journal pages, Juana. Loved reading about your day. The weather is getting nice here and almost time to pull my bicycle out of the garage as well. :)

  7. Great post and sketches, Juana! White tulips would be so beautiful and elegant. I love the idea of so many birds visiting your feeder. :)

  8. So fun, and love the crow quote :)


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