Euclid linocut


Some time ago, I sold some of my drawings of hands with mathematical and machinery symbols. For those drawings, I used pencil, charcoal and conte crayon. I decided to revisit that drawing and work it out into a linocut.

I wanted to have the feeling of flex, movement and muscle. When I did the drawing, the first layer consisted of many thin pencil lines to achieve the shadows and contours. I wasn't sure how I'd achieve that in a linocut. Could I use numerous cuts to achieve what the pencil did?

De Atramentis ink and preppy pen drawing

Using a fountain pen with a purple mix of De Atramentis inks, I drew out my idea on some scrap paper. I would need to remember to keep the cuts close and thin. I hadn't carved in this manner and I wasn't sure if it would come out the way I envisioned. Would I be able to keep the ink out of the shallow cuts? Periodically, I'd check my carving by placing a paper over the lino and rubbing pencil over the paper. The print was looking the way I had hoped. However, I still wasn't sure.

Euclid linocut print on rice paper

My first test print was on photocopy paper. That looked great. Oh, how excited I was that what I envisioned was coming through in the print!

I used two types of rice paper for this linocut print, Euclid. One is lightweight and off-white. The other is white and a heavier weight. Both look wonderful. Above is Euclid 1 which is on the off-white rice paper.

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  1. you did a great job with this Juana, no easy task.

  2. Your carved linoleum block looks marvelous. There such a unique look to prints, that you can't achieve any other way. Happy Sunday Sketches!

  3. The linocut print came out great. I think I like it better than the pen and ink. Looks like a lot of work went into it.

  4. those look awesome!! great job.... you can tell that took a lot of time but worth it!!

  5. Wow, great cut! I'm deeply impressed. What a task.

  6. Your work is wonderful. I loved reading about all of the steps that went into making this strong and powerful piece. Thank you for sharing it and your excitement at the results.

  7. WOW! Love it! The sense of energy and movement is wonderful Juana :)

  8. Your linocut came out wonderfully. I've been seeing a few folk playing with linocut designs lately. I remember something similar to this in high school but not something I'll be venturing off to try anytime soon. haha Hope you're having a good week! :)

  9. this turned out wonderful.
    there is something so appealing about carved stamps to look at.
    also you can make many prints which is super awesome too.

  10. That looks fantastic Juana! I love the way this came out!


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