March Journal Pages

pen and De Atramentis inks, journal pages
pen and De Atramentis inks, journal pages

Spring came in March and I watched the birds flying back and forth to build their nests. One day as I was getting ready to go out on a bicycle ride, I noticed a bird was starting to build a nest in my bicycle basket. Sorry bird, I know it looked like a perfect place, but I promise you there are better places. Now I cover the basket so the poor birdie won't keep trying.

Whale migration season has begun as well, and I saw my first sighting of Orcas passing through. I didn't have my camera with a zoom lens, and even though they were far away, I could still see their dorsal fins well. Those guys are huge!

March's journal page was all about exploring patterns (right page), and I also worked out an idea for a new linocut of a hand (left page). I am almost done carving out that linocut, so hopefully you'll see it in next Sunday's post.

wishing everyone a creative week.

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