Drawing with De Atramentis Turquoise Document Ink

pen and ink drawing on vellum

I just joined instagram, so now I can participate in Gouletpens monday matchup! So I've been spending my mornings drawing with pen and ink.

 I really like drawing with fountain pens and these document inks. The only problem is finding economical paper that keeps a fine line with no feathering of the ink.   I like to work on cheap paper and not have to worry about the expense. Once I have the drawing then I can transfer it to good paper.

This week I picked up some vellum paper and discovered the pens and inks work well on it. I think I can make some mail art envelopes with the vellum too.

How about you? Do you prefer a certain paper? Does the choice of paper depend on whether you are working out a drawing?

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  1. Your hand is so strong and filled with energy. I really enjoyed the quote you added. The choices we make in life really do make a difference. Something I try to remember.

    I am finding that the paper I use, especially when using pastels, does make a difference to me. I try to be economical but I am always happier when I use a
    sanded piece of paper. I use small pieces when I am practicing.

    Have a great week creating.

  2. that is a strong, superhero hand! Interesting choice of pen and paper. I tend to use the same materials over and over, maybe it's time for a change. I recently did my first canvas on acrylic so that's something.

  3. The blue ink adds so much to the drawing. Very unique. And, yes, the choice of paper makes a big difference depending on the type of drawing. Different results.

  4. love that vivid blue!!

    I like to use plain old computer paper for drawings. then, if it turns into something I like, I transfer to good watercolor paper.

  5. Your hand is AMAZING! And I love the blue ink. I love using Micron pens for sketching, but I just use the multi use art journals at the store. I wouldn't know how wonderful it was to use really good paper. I know with watercolors the weight of the paper really makes a difference so I would assume it makes the same difference in ink drawings. genie

  6. very nice drawing :)

    if I am just sketching I don't care about the paper, but for good work it has to generally have some kind of tooth to it to get the shading right :)

  7. Oooo.. LOVE, love, love that turquoise color!! And your rendering of the hand has such ENERGY--so bold, Juana! Pastel paper is one of my favorites and can be used for lots of medium very well. I also like acrylic paper, which can be pricey, but is great for lots of mediums too--pencil, pastel, watercolor and every acrylics/oils. But for practice, templates and playing around, cheap copy paper. ;) Happy to visit here before travels early next week. I'll be by later, and in touch, again soon as I can... HAPPY DAYS, my friend ((HUGS))

  8. That hand is so beautiful! I love it. I use sketch pad paper for sketches and sometimes vellum if I'm painting on it.


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