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gallery juana Rohrer and Klingner, Helianthus ink
dip pen, Rohrer and Klingner ink (Helianthus)

Some days can be overwhelmed with hurdles, detours and fallen bridges. I start to feel powerless. And I begin to lose sight of what I have that makes me happy.

gallery juana june journal page
june journal page, De Atramentis Document inks

So I've been writing little reminders to myself that keep me going. Some notes are my own thoughts and others are from song lyrics.

self-portrait and tree, gallery juana
daily sketch,  self-portrait and tree

Once I started focusing on what I could change and what was within my control, I felt renewed energy. After taking a long break from sketching figures and portraits, I have recently started sketching those again daily.

The above sketch started out with drawing a tree. An unexpected interruption happened and when I came back to the drawing hours later, the feeling I had about the tree was no longer there. I switched to drawing my portrait. As the mirror I use is a compact mirror, I can only see a small part of my face as I draw. I kind of like that fact as I have to keep the general idea in mind as I concretely see a small focus in the mirror. A good metaphor for life!

joining sunday sketches (link in sidebar)


  1. Some days can certainly be a challenge Juana, but your quotes are a great way too keep focused.
    Fantastic sketches and so cleverly changed as they progressed.
    Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you have a great creative week ahead.

  2. I love quotes too. They can help us, just finding them and listing them. Love what you have done with yours and your drawings.. Have a great new week!

  3. I love that you went with your feeling from tree to person. It's a beautiful drawing.

  4. that self-portrait and tree sketch done just right, loose and a bit abstract, just wonderful

    have a lovely day.

  5. I can certainly relate to one day or several days can be lots harder than others. My last week and a half have been at a negative 100, but I just keep smiling putting one foot in front of the other. I, too, find that the art work really helps. I become consumed in it and I forget all of my frets, worries, and pains. Your work this week is beautiful. Hope next week is better. genie

  6. lovely reflective post, and a lovely self portrait.

  7. Focusing on what we can change is especially pertinent after this tragic week here in the U.S. The first image in the post with those words in orange, reminds me somewhat of Coreta Kent. She was an artist in the 1960's. She did a lot of silk screen work with lettering to do with peace.

  8. Love them Juana. Love the tree as a base for your portrait. Strength, growth, wisdom. Wonderful.

  9. It sounds like you are a perfectionist like me, which means we feel overwhelmed when not in control. My father taught me a little prayer that I like to recite when I start doing the control thing, "God gran me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference." Peace, my friend!

  10. Absolutely beautiful colors. Wonderful post filled with inspiration. :)


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