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June and July journal pages, de atramentis document inks

It has been a fantastic summer with little rain and long, sunny days. And although I've been out on the bicycle and at my art table less with the great weather; I have kept up my journal pages and calligraphy practice through the summer.

August Journal page

I rearranged my art tables so I could have a table dedicated to calligraphy and writing correspondence. I found the cutest mini asian tea set to use for my inks and water reservoir. You can see it in the photo below on the bottom-left corner.

fern sketch in clairefontaine notebook

This morning I did a quick sketch of the leaves and fern that I keep on my table. The gold flecks in J. Herbin's Caroube de Chrypre ink really came through and are noticeable when viewing at certain angles. At other angles, it is a rich, earthy brown. The word summer was written with another of my favorite colors: J. Herbin Emerald de Chivor.

I can already feel summer welcoming Autumn. The weather has a crisper, lighter feel to it.

joining sunday sketches


  1. Oh they are wonderful! So fluid and expressive...

  2. Your journal is wonderful. It makes you want to stare at the pages and especially the portrait. The gold work is really nice, too. I like your style so much. genie

  3. Beautiful, colorful and creative journal pages ~ ^_^

    Happy Creating ~ ^_^

  4. Oooooops, I just sent my comment as a message to you, sorry. The 'Post a
    Comment' link was obscured by the colourful ad.

    I will write it again -

    Lovely journal pages, Juana!

    I am curious to see how you work with the inks and the tea-set. Perhaps you could share some pics in another post? I admit that I'm terrified when working with inks in reservoirs and not in fountain pens. I always worry about spillage accidents. I usually have my ink container sitting inside a bigger, heavier dish. A touch paranoid, I know.

    Have a great week. :)

  5. You have such a wonderful and unique way to make art and I admire you because your artwork comes really from your heart and always spreads a wonderful atmosphere. The mini asian tea set looks cut and I also love the collection of pebbles and seashells at your window. You have such a lovely place to retreat.

  6. that looks like a gorgeous view from the window :)

    really like your sketch of the tea set and its a very neat and handy looking thing :D

  7. What a beautiful view! I'd be inspired sitting there as well! :) Wonderful work. Love what you do.


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