Journal Sketches, inks, pearl ex, and watercolors

female figure, journal page, clairefontaine notebook

Recently I purchased a set of powder pearl ex mica pigments. It includes 9 colors plus powdered gum arabic. The above journal sketch was done with a dip pen, pearl ex rose gold, Daniel Smith Lunar Blue watercolor and Daniel Smith Walnut ink.

mini asian tea set with dip pen inks, watercolors

Above is the mini asian tea set that I talked about last week. I have the little cups filled with walnut ink, pearl ex rose gold, and daniel smith lunar blue. The cups are about 2.5 cm (just under an inch) high and fit snugly with the tea pot in the tray. The tea pot holds water for cleaning the nibs.

Usually, I just dip the nib into the ink well. Unfortunately, I didn't fill the tea cups high enough to dip my nibs, so I used my smallest brushes to dip into the cups and swipe my dip pen.

I keep my de atramentis document inks in vials that I purchased at goulet pens. These document inks are mixable to make new colors and each mixed color can go in its own vial. To keep the vial standing and make it harder to accidentally knock over, I used a planter and put a cloth napkin inside it. The planter is 8 cm (3 inches high) and the vials are 6 cm (2.4 inches) high. As I tend to work with one color at a time, this has been working well so far.

All that was missing was something to rest my dip pen to keep it from rolling around. I looked at my collection of found beach objects on my windowsill and spotted the sea glass my husband found and gifted me. It holds my dip pen in place perfectly.

joining sunday sketches (link in side bar)

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