Crow and quote, journal pages, fountain pen inks

De Atramentis document and J. Herbin inks, enso and crow

At the beginning of January, I was looking through photos I'd taken over the years. I came across this photo of a crow on the beach and that inspired this journal page. I edited the year to read 2017 as I wrote 16 by mistake.

I used De Atramentis document inks in Fuchsia, Fog Grey, and Yellow. For the bird, I used  J. Herbin Cacao de Chypre and sumi ink for the Enso and quote.

Exhaust the realm of the possible.
Peter Pindar

joining sunday sketches


  1. I like how free and expressive your journal pages are. Those bright inks make it all so vibrant.

  2. Very creative and vibrant piece Juana!

  3. Love the colors. Very nice page indeed.

  4. Deeply beautiful , soulful and magical! Wonderful art!
    Happy SundaySketches

  5. The colors are phantastic! It's great to look at your journaling pages. I also went to your other journal pages and I like them so much!

  6. i have to remind myself its 2017 when writing the date still, too early in the year :p
    very nice page :)

  7. Great vibrant journal page Juana, I like the quote too :D

  8. I like the mix of colors. The little ink swirl on the pink enhances it so well, even though it is a small element amongst the bright colors.


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