journal pages from vacation

journal page, self-portrait

My husband and I took a short vacation. We decided to not take the bicycles and rely either on our own two feet or public transportation. On the train heading to Seattle, I sketched myself in the window's reflection.

I like butter, journal page

During one of our long walks on Bainbridge Island, two teenagers eating pizza passed by us. One teen was talking loudly so we could hear his conversation as they approached and until they passed us. I didn't think my husband was also listening, but both of us started chuckling at the same time! He had heard the guy's "I like butter!" soliloquy too.

It was a good trip. Being off the internet and computer for three full days was just what I needed. I came back feeling refreshed. I've put up photos from the trip on instagram and my photo blog.

wishing everyone a good week and joining sunday sketches.

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