poem and a painting

detail of poem and a painting, gravity

Last week, as I was browsing in my local second-hand shop, I came across a palm-sized book about Braque printed in 1958. It covers Braque's cubism and papier collé period from 1906 to 1920. During that same week, I also was working on a poem.

When I finished the poem, I wanted to match a painting to it. I knew which drawing I wanted to use, but what additions would I add? I picked up the book I had bought the previous day on Braque. Leafing through the booklet, sparks of ideas on a painting began to fly. Everything came together and I felt satisfied that the painting illustrated my poem perfectly.


There are days
when I am in pieces,
broken and scattered.

And there are other days 
when I am like a collapsed cloud
of dust and atoms,
full of possibility.

All the scattered pieces
get pulled in and compressed;
until from the core of my soul,
dense and hot,
a new self emerges.

Juana Almaguer
June 18, 2017

poem and a painting, gravity, gallery juana
poem and a painting, gravity

The sparks are still flying, and I'm working on a new series of paintings inspired by this poem and a painting.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'll be spending the day riding my bicycle out to a new trail system and exploring its forest.

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  1. Lovely Juana! Love the soft art, and your words. This could be the beginning of a beautiful little book :) Enjoy your ride!

  2. LOVE the pairing of your art and your own poetry, Juana! I just love the softness and the choice of color--sort of flesh tones, which echo your self experience in your words--what is happening to you. The mix of the media, the colors, your words... VERY much looking forward to seeing more of this series! :))) ((HUGS))

  3. What a wonderful poem and painting. Inspiration is wonderful, I am so glad you are filled with it.

  4. I like the blocks of color and the pencil textures, very nice. Wonderful idea to mix it with your poetry.

  5. Profound! I think we've all felt that way at times, but you captured it perfectly.

  6. the art goes really well with your poem :)


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