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Abstract VI, June 2018

Last month I purchased a gelliplate and have been monoprinting for the past several weeks. Previoiusly I had been using acrylic paint on plexiglass for my monoprinting.

The advantage to the gelliplate is that the acrylic paint stays wet longer. I can use thinner or thicker layers of paint or even mix the paints directly on the plate.

Abstract Figure I June 2018, galleryjuana
Abstract Figure I June 2018

Although most of the completed  works in the last 4 weeks have been abstracts, I completed a few figure drawings as well. I added some monoprint layers to the sumi ink figure line drawing above. I like how there is still a bit of randomness and spontaneity to the layers of color.

Start snow, everyday, becoming, in your actions, your regular actions,
what you would like to become in the bigger scheme of things.
Anna Deaverce Smith


  1. (OK, trying to leave a comment again. :) Tried several times yesterday, then got distracted. Maybe it was my computer, because my Google ID was not showing, and the option to change it was not available.)

    I love the first piece Juana!!! It was such a JOY to open your post, and this just gave me a sense of clam. Ahhh. I love the texture, the warmth, the hazy sea green. Just love it all!!
    The figure is an example of what you do so well!! I love the linework, love the loose colors. I see a bit of pattern, was that a stamp of some kind? I love the mix of energy from the colors, and calm from the pose. Interesting juxtaposition! Makes me think, and linger.
    The quote is a wonderful, gentle reminder. Lovely post Juana :)

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL, Juana! I really like how you've add the monoprinting to your drawings. Love the peacefulness of the piece at the top. Gelli Plates are great fun! I've not used mine in some time. Used them mostly with acrylics, but as I'm moving away from acrylic, I'm wanting to try how the fluidity of watercolors works with the Gelli Plate-ing.


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