wax seals using buttons

wax Seal using a shank button

Recently I bought a couple of seals from letterseals.com along with some wax. Those seals are in the upper left corner of the photo below. I also discovered from various websites that I could use buttons for stamping designs into wax. So I have been combing through the button collections at my local thrift shop. I found several that work wonderfully for stamping into wax.

wax seals

I used all types: shank, flat, domed, and the type with holes in the middle. I am pretty happy with the results!

wax Seal using a shank button

wax Seal using a shank button

Later, if I want, I can attach each button to a cork. The stamping seemed to work fine without the attached "handle." And without the handles, storing buttons takes less space.

Are you wondering how I got the gold highlights on the sun? The video below from LetterSeals explains how to highlight the wax seal.

I'll post more later with photos of how I use these wax seals.


  1. Beautiful! Look forward to seeing more ;)

  2. What a BRILLIANT idea! LOVE these, Juana! Some years back I had a was/seal set, and that wax didn't seem very waxy--more like plastic! The seals easily flaked off whatever they were put on. I'm sure there's better quality out there... I just need to look around. Must check this site you mention. VERY fun!! :) ((HUGS))


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