Watercolor Female Portraits

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Portrait III, January 2019

I've added more watercolor portraits to this series of colorful portraits which can be found here: Ink Line Drawings.

The snow has gone for good and the days of transitioning from winter to spring seem to be here.

I seem to be doing the same with my projects, going from one to the other and back and forth. This past week I worked on two cactus stamps and daily journal entries. February was mostly journaling. I'll blog about those shortly.

I had this desire, which I think we all have, to be as original as I could be.
John Coltrane


  1. These new portraits are fun and different, Juana! So glad spring is singing for you... We're not quite there yet, but some snowdrops are very bravely trying to spiral upwards, and some snow is melting... so we wait in hope for spring!! :))) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. Lovely Juana :) She seems a bit teary eyed, but perhaps it is a fine quote, or a moving piece of music she is thinking of.

  3. Thank you Tracy and Sheila. And she does look pensive or moved about something.


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