portrait acrylic painting and linocut tulips print


Gallery Juana
Portrait I, March 2022

The above portrait was painted with acrylics on paper and measures 9 width x 12 height in inches.   The color palette with hues of red and yellow was inspired by Thomas Cooper Gotch's 1930 painting, The Exile.

What I've been up to lately:  

  • Working on several Linocut prints which are at different stages of carving, printing and drying 
  • 100 Figure in an Interior project
  • Art in general


Gallery Juana linocut print


Spring has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest and that has influenced the motifs in my linocut prints.  The above tulips in a vase is a 2-color print in two varying shades of blue. 

Visit  Gallery Juana on Etsy to see more of my Portrait paintings, Lino prints, and 100 Figure in an Interior project.


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