female figure, linocut, work in progress

female figure linocut wip
linocut, female figure, wip

I've completed three linocuts already: a male figure, a crow and a cat; but I haven't gotten around to printing any of them into a series yet. And yesterday, I started on another linocut. This one will probably be worked into a collage piece.
I think I need to just carve right now. It's mesmerizing and relaxing like drawing. Hmmm ... maybe not as relaxing as drawing as I have to be careful not to carve into my hand.

For this latest linocut, I reduced the line drawing of the female figure to fit onto my 4 x 6 linoleum block. After tracing it with charcoal, I placed it on the linoleum block, charcoal-side face down and traced it again with a harder pencil on the back-side. Once the charcoal transferred, I retraced the transferred drawing on the linoleum with a pen.

And now for some news! 

On October 13th I will be participating in 30 Artists, 30 days hosted by Seth Apter to celebrate the release of his latest book collaboration with 44 artists titled, The Mixed Media Artist. The "look inside" feature is available, and you may be able to get a glimpse of my contribution to this book.

I'll write more on October 13th about my participation, so be sure to come back then.
Also, he is giving away a free copy to some lucky bloggers. Visit his blog at the 30/30 link for details.

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