Bike Touring Journal

bicycle touring journal
day one, orcas island tour

Last week we took a four-day bicycle tour to Orcas island. I'll spend the next few weeks adding more photos, drawings, and collaged pages. Above is the page I finished today.

Orcas Island is the hilliest and largest island of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. You can find my photos and blog about the trip on my photography blog.

orcas island journal
orcas island journal cover

I wanted to keep a journal devoted to this trip. So the week before we left, I gutted a thin old book and added some pages and collaged the cover. I used my birch trees collage as the focal point on the front cover. (above image)

trees and notes, orcas island journal page
trees and notes, orcas island journal page

Each morning of the trip, I wrote notes on what had happened the day before and did some simple sketches.

My muscles are still recuperating but I am already planning another trip! I hope everyone had a good week.

joining sunday sketches

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